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Definition of the perfume pyramide :

Top notes ( sometimes called head notes ) are the ingredients of a fragrance that spring at your senses immediately, when you sniff a perfume. Do try and wait until the perfume has dried down, that allows you to really judge the notes.

Normally these top notes don't stay very long, since they are only ment for a first attraction.

The heart notes are what follows the initial scents, they are also called ' middle notes '. These heart notes appear just when the top notes are fading, before the basic notes kick in. They are the binding notes between the top and basic notes, often softening the first , sometimes overwhelming , appearance of the basic notes. Heart and basic notes form the actual ' body ' of a fragrance.

The basic notes will not emerge before at least 30 min - 45 min after the first spraying of the perfume. They form the solid base of a fragrance and determine its quality and its staying power.
EDC ( Eau de Cologne ), contains 3 % - 5 % fragrant oil content.
EDT ( Eau de Toilette), contains 6 % - 9 % fragrant oil content.
EDP ( Eau de Parfum ), contains 10 % - 14 % fragrant oil content.
AS ( After Shave ), contains 1 % - 3 % fragrant oil content.

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